Review of Steep Oolong & Jasmine Green Tea

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This is really interesting tea and not at all what I was expecting. The dry bag of chopped, dark tea smells like an oolong with a medium oxidation and roast. I couldn't smell any jasmine until after I added water, and even then it's faint.

I really like the way this tea smells. There's a heavy note of toasted flour, reminding me of cooking roux. There's apparently not much of the jasmine green in the blend and I can just make out the jasmine and maybe a bit of grass.

The tea's not bitter at all and is really smooth. It's not quite like any other oolong I've tasted. The package claims "smoky", but I'm not getting that. Aside from the toasted grains, I'm mostly getting earthiness very similar to the pu-erh and some black teas from Yunnan. My complaints are that the flavor's a bit thin and there's not much to the finish.

This might be the best Bigelow tea I've yet tasted. Compared to loose oolongs, the flavor's a bit thin, but it's quite a bit better than most of the "Chinese restaurant" oolongs in tea bags. It's very good for grocery store tea. If I'd been served blind, I'd have been surprised to see "Bigelow" on the box. The Steep line of teas is slightly more expensive than the regular Bigelow teas ($3.00-$3.50 rather than $2.50-$3.00), but this one's easily worth it.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on March 6th, 2020

This was interesting to read your review of this. I suspect I may have had blends like this served before in Chinese restaurants, and I have tried stuff from Asian markets like this. One was Dynasty's "Chinese Restaurant Tea". It was inexpensive, easy to brew, and surprisingly enjoyable. This sounds similar to that both from how you describe it, and by the blend of oolong and Jasmine.

The price increase over the regular Bigelow teas seems insignificant here. I have been pretty put-off by the high-end brands launced by many companies that have a $6-$10 price point for a box of 15-20 teabags, that seems like highway robbery. But $3.50 is more than reasonable, especially when the quality is higher!

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