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A Mint Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Mint Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Mint Medley® Herbal Tea

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I've been more impressed with most other mint teas I've chugged so far, including a couple of store brands. Still, Mint Medley is mediocre, not bad. Like most live-performance musical medleys, the sum is worse in quality than the individual parts.

The dry-bag and in-cup aromas were hardly there, while the wet bag came through in better fidelity. Had the smell of this tea been translatable to TV pictures, it would have been a 1950s black-and-white Philco, where more aggressive mint teas offer the 1080p HD or 4K goodness.

While mildly pleasant overall, I found the flavor somewhat diluted, passive, devoid of any kick or potency. Yet it didn't seem particularly mellow or smooth either, as many even weak mint teas are, but instead a little muddy. This probably is related to the use of a few lower-order ingredients, including rose hips and lemongrass, not at levels high enough to make themselves singularly apparent, but present enough to drag down the main mint ingredients. I could see bits of the lemongrass and rose hips floating in the immersed bag at proportions obviously much lower than mint leaves. Still, it seems Bigelow's attempt to enhance the flavor of mint through those non-mint ingredients instead weakened it, without any obvious rosy or lemony elements. The aftertaste was slightly but tolerably sour, and not very pronounced either.

My unsolicited advice to Bigelow is to make this a true mint medley, drop the filler ingredients that just smudge the flavor, and go with all mint, swapping out those fillers for a third mint type, not too similar to spearmint and peppermint, that would both diversify and strengthen the overall flavor. Pineapple mint might do the trick if a fruity element is intended, as implied by the presence of lemongrass currently.

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