Review of True Blueberry® Herbal Tea

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After running out of my favorite blueberry-flavored tea faster than expected, I got this in a moment of desperation, made easier to rationalize by a temporarily low sale price at Sprouts.

True Blueberry is one of the few herbal teas I've tried whose primary advertised flavor smells substantially stronger in the dry bag, and even in the cup to some extent, than the taste yields. Sniffing the newly opened (or reopened) box of bags is quite pleasing, if one likes blueberries. I could make out the blueberry adequately in the taste, but it was nearly overpowered by the hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, and other typical "Zinger" ingredients that CS uses for its fruity herbal line (even though this doesn't carry the Zinger name, per se). Also like other "Zingers", this one is a chameleon, changing colors as it steeps, starting maroon/purple and ending in a geenish-gray, somewhat opaque appearance. Overall, a modestly good experience...but the stated flavor could be more prominent and a bit less sour. At least I used up the box.

I didn't try this beverage iced, but now regret not doing so (I'm back to my usual Murchie's blueberry green tea). True Blueberry probably translates better iced than hot, but I'm not going to buy a box in wintertime, at regular price, just for that purpose.

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