Tea: Misty Mint

An Herbal Tea from Farmer Brothers

Picture of Misty Mint
Brand:Farmer Brothers
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Misty Mint

5 of 103 of 52 of 545 of 100

This blend is really quite bland, especially so for mint. The menthol coolness is there, but it really tastes more herbal than minty. I also taste the "pepper" flavor that the previous reviewer noted, so it wasn't just a fluke or something.

I wouldn't think that there are enough ingredients in this blend to mess up, but it's really not very good. Maybe there's too much lemongrass, but if that's the case, then the lemongrass isn't particularly flavorful, either. If you're picking from a food service tray, go for the Enchanting Moments instead.

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