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A Green Tea with Mint from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Green Tea with Mint
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The green tea smells stronger than it tastes. There's nothing offensive about it, but neither is it satisfying. I rather suspect that Bigelow's green teas are blended for those that drink green tea for purported health benefits rather than the flavor. It's mild and not bitter, but it lacks any brightness or vegetal complexity that even mediocre loose green teas present.

The ingredient list ("green tea, mint leaves") doesn't specify what kind of mint is included, but it tastes mostly like peppermint. There's a menthol coolness beneath a flavor reminiscent of an afterdinner mint. It's better than Bigelow's plain green tea, but barely. Again, inoffensive and perhaps even pleasant, but forgettable.

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