Tea: Oi Ocha Koiaji Dark Green Tea

A Green Tea from ITO EN

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Brand:ITO EN
Style:Green Tea
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Review of Oi Ocha Koiaji Dark Green Tea

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The dry tea is tiny, broken pieces, almost like fannings. I assume it's a lower grade, "everyday" tea. I use a metal tea ball with a tight mesh to brew loose tea and there's a ton of sediment at the bottom of my cup, which is distracting and a bit off-putting.

Brewing, the tea smells like seaweed with underripe apple and melon. The flavor is strong and grassy. The bitterness is light, but sharp on the sides of the tongue and the tea is moderately astringent. This tea shows more sweetness than I'm used to in Japanese tea and it reminds me of green tea ice cream or candy.

After drinking some typical grocery store teas, this is very refreshing. I paid $7 for 100g, which isn't that far from the suggested price in Japan of ¥800 ($7.21, according to Google). At that price, it's comparable to Bigelow teabags by weight of tea.

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