Tea: Decaf White Tea

A White Tea from Celestial Seasonings

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Celestial Seasonings
Style:White Tea
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Review of Decaf White Tea

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Estate sales can be an unconventional way to try new teas upon which one normally wouldn't gamble the full cost of purchase. In this case, the tea apparently has been retired, and can't be bought anymore, but was shrink-wrapped in the box (never opened) and still in fresh condition. [I got it as part of a larger grab bag full of tea boxes of various kinds.] So if you run across this tea in grandma's pantry or at some sale, here's what to expect.

The dry-bag aroma? There is none. Nor is there much in-cup or wet-bag smell. At least it's not a bad scent, but much like other white teas I've tried, little olfactory experience exists here, good or bad. Taste-wise, it's rather smooth and easy to drink, mild, somewhat pleasant-tasting but faint in sweetened form, with no outstanding qualities that I could detect. The ingredients list says "natural white-tea essence" was added, probably because the blender knew this needed a flavor boost. It didn't work. Maybe more-experienced and fine-tuned tea palates than mine could tease out an aspect worth mentioning. It hadn't gone stale at all; there just isn't much to report about it.

In summary, this bagged decaf white tea is not one to turn down at dirt-cheap cost or free, but I wouldn't pay full first-day estate-sale price for a stand-alone box. Thanks for reading!

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