Tea: Pure Peppermint

A Peppermint Tea from Twinings

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Style:Peppermint Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Once again, I drank a Twinings product, wondering how this brand gained enough of a reputation or loyalty to have lasted so long. The peppermint in these bags wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. Lots of stems too! It reminded me a lot of cheap/knock-off store brands or some of the lower-quality food-service peppermint offerings, except most of those I've had were still a little stronger in aroma and flavor. Even "Great Value" (Wal-Mart's store brand) was quite noticeably stronger and richer in every way.

The dry-bag smell was faint, and seemed to lack the sharp, cool vibrancy of the best dried peppermints I've sniffed in tea bags, as if the essential oils long since had evaporated away. This, despite the bags being individually sealed in plastic that bore a silvery inner reflective coating, and in turn, the box containing them being shrink-wrapped. It wasn't a surprise, therefore, when the drink turned out to be well-colored, but very mild on both flavor and scent. Unusually, so was the post-steeping squeezed bag; it lacked the crisp coolness one gets from sniffing the best peppermint wet bags as well.

I don't recommend this product unless you can obtain it free or very cheap, and want to add just a faint, background peppermint flavor to some other hot beverage, such as hot chocolate or green tea—and even then it may require more than one bag per cup.

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