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A Green Tea from Matcha Love

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Style:Green Tea
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The bold print on the box says "matcha + green tea". The smaller print—green tea blend with matcha—is more correct. Each of the triangular clear sachets (not "tea bags" as we know them in paper form) contains a reasonable amount of finely chopped green tea leaves and just a pinch of matcha powder. Don't forget to tap the powder out of the plastic wrapper and into the cup, if you wish to maximize its presence.

For a green tea, the dry-bag aroma was relatively rich, probably because some fine matcha particles tickled my nostril sensors directly. The powder seems to enrich the flavor and in-cup aromas as well, even though its amount is puny (~1/25 of a teaspoon, at most). This is one of the better-flavored bagged green teas I've had, with an unpretentious, creamy, rather thick taste and body, in a semi-opaque greenish liquid, with a long-lasting but pleasant aftertaste. Curiously, the wrapper advises brewing in hot water for 30 seconds (or cold water for 3 minutes). Not being into subtle delicacy, I ignored that, steeped it for the usual 5 minutes or so, and suffered no undue bitterness. That seemed to draw out the full potency of taste too, which I do appreciate.

I dragged down the value rating some, despite the very good flavor, simply because each box contains only 10 sachets, yet costs more per box than a few 16–20-bag green teas I've had of comparable quality.

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