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An Earl Grey Tea from Twinings

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I got this from a restaurant hot-tea selection box and took home an extra bag to taste-test on good well water. The bergamot was somewhat feeble throughout the consumption experience. Still, it's among the better Twinings teas I've had (yes, I realize that's not saying much).

Sweetened, as I always do, this product delivered an unexpectedly creamy, vanilla-like flavor and in-cup aroma that somewhat offset the lack of a more-robust bergamot level. This isn't advertised as an "Earl Grey Creme", but tasted a good deal like one to meā€”albeit nowhere nearly as rich as a few loose-leaf EGCs I've had recently. Maybe there's some lemon in this too, which I detected more from the otherwise rather muted dry-bag aroma and aftertaste than from the in-cup flavor and scent. The wet bag exuded almost no aroma, so this tea was quite efficient at releasing whatever it had into the cup. I do wish it had more, though; this tea has the potential to be a high-quality "semi-creamy" Earl Grey if Twinings can turn up the intensity dial a couple notches, across-the-board. Even though I didn't buy the tea directly, the "value" rating is good, based on prices I've seen at retail outlets like Wal-Mart.

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