Review of I Love Lemon® & C Herbal Tea

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I don't love lemon. Regardless, if you do, this seems to be as reasonable of a presentation of the natural flavor as you'll find in a hot beverage, short of cooking lemonade. Perusing the ingredients, this should be expected with three different plant sources of the lemon ester: lemongrass, lemon verbena and lemon (fruit) peel, along with what may be an unnecessary soy-lecithin-based "natural lemon flavor" (soy alert, for those sensitive thereto).

The aroma (all rather evenly represented between dry-bag, in-cup and wet bag), and flavor, are of course, very "lemony" with a thin but noticeable grassy or vegetal veneer. I didn't get much sourness from this tea until the aftertaste, when it swirled and hung around the back of my palate as if Tarzan was swinging from my uvula. Another sip, whether of this tea or a different drink, solved that. Although I got this at no extra cost at a hotel, and wouldn't buy a box due to my general apathy toward lemon as a flavor, I can see why it gets some good reviews below. It does not shortchange its advertised taste.

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