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A Chai / Spiced Tea from Tiesta Tea

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Brand:Tiesta Tea
Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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I love chai, so I tried Chai Love. It was one of the least chai-like of chais I've had, but yet, still strangely satisfying and tasty. It also had perhaps the greatest aromatic discrepancy I've encountered between dry-leaf, in-cup and wet-leaf scents.

The dry leaf is the most truly chai-like sensation (smell or taste) of the entire experience. One easily can see and identify the ingredients: black tea, ginger, cloves, green cardamom pods, cassia vera, and pink peppercorns. The dry scent in-container is almost intoxicatingly good, very much cardamom-dominant, though the pepper and cinnamon (via cassia vera leaf) are nearly nonexistent. Alas, in-cup, the scent becomes much more muted and weak, which detracts some from the overall rating. Before I sniffed the wet leaves, the flavor reminded me of a delicate chai, again cardamom-heavy, but also rather vanilla-like (despite the lack of that ingredient). Though I sweeten teas, I suspect a lot of tea drinkers who don't still will find this a sweet blend. As a side note, I mostly can't tell what the peppercorns do; only in the aftertaste was there just a mild hint of any associated warming effect.

The wet-leaf scent left an impression I cannot escape anymore, by power of suggestion...even in the taste: cola! Yes, the wet leaves smell like a strong, sweet, somewhat fruity cola. Imagine taking uncarbonated RC Cola, adding just a dab of fruit punch, heating it up, and sniffing that. Now the flavor reminds me a little of cola as well, just not as much as does the wet-leaf aroma. I'll upload a photo of the wet leaves as well, so savvier tea connoisseurs than I can deduce how such a blend would come up with such wild personality variations from dry to cup to wet-leaf. Despite all that weirdness, I'm oddly fond of this tea's unique taste, and gladly will finish the 1.9-oz./53.9-g pouch.

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nature herbal life wrote:
on May 28th, 2020

My most favorite tea chai tea. I love this tea it is not only give good taste but also provide the digestion benefits.
I recommend everyone who are tea lover try this chai tea one time.

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