Tea: Cranberry Apple Herbal Tea

An Herbal Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Cranberry Apple Herbal Tea

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Most Bigelow teas I've tried, I've never bought, thanks to hotels, restaurants and conferences. This one was no exception. I don't care for cranberry as a flavor, so you wouldn't catch me plunking down even a couple bucks at the Wal-Mart clearance bin for any herbal tea named after cranberries. Fortunately there is so little in this tea that it is almost undetectable in smell or taste. For me that's a positive! For others the name may be irritatingly misleading, since it contains the word "Cranberry" first and foremost.

In the spirit of the Celestial Seasonings "Zinger" line, this is a mix heavily dominated by hibiscus and rose hips that lend an overall color, flavor and body reminiscent of fruit punch. The apple is much more apparent in the dry-bag aroma (which also is somewhat earthy and grassy) than the taste, and I can pick it up in the wet-bag scent also. This is a sweet, smooth tea, not at all what I expected, and I like it quite a bit. It should make a fine iced beverage alone, or as fruity flavoring for a black tea when making a big jug of iced tea.

Regrettably, however, because it is marketed as a cranberry-flavored herbal tea, I do have to deduct a little from the ratings points for its lack of a flavor that don't like. That's not something you'll see written very often. ;-)

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