Tea: Peach & Passion Fruit

A Flavored Black Tea from TEViVE

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Style:Flavored Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Tropical fruits, peaches, and flavored black teas all tickle my fancy, so this offering from a Dollar Tree store promised to be worthwhile, as long as they used natural flavors (check), and didn't skimp on the flavoring itself (check). [TEViVE could use more tea, however...more on that below.]

As with their other teas I've seen or tried so far, the tea bags come in 20-count boxes, each bag individually sealed in a plastic wrapper with metallic-colored inner coating, for freshness. It seems to work. Ripping the pouch open reveals a good, strong fruit smell, though I couldn't make out the tea much. The peach and passion fruit flavors and scents are quite well-balanced in-cup, and complement or alloy with one another very well—much more so than the blueberry and honey flavors do in the other TEViVE offering I've had to date. This is a delicious product that I'd love to drink iced, with a straw and a little plastic umbrella, while sea breezes slowly swing me in a beach hammock, under a tiki hut covered by palm fronds, somewhere in the Florida Keys or Hawaii.

My major trouble with their otherwise surprisingly good product is that the manufacturer skimps on quantity. At least two to three times the volume of tea could fit in the wet bag. For optimal flavor potency, one needs to use a small cup or two bags in a large cup. Resteeping? Hah, dream on! I did deduct a little on the "value" rating for that reason, even though using two bags per shot only pushes the effective price of 20 to $2—still a good deal, since it outperforms even that modulated price point on the first cup.

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