Review of Lemon Ginger Herbal Plus Probiotics

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Caveat: While tolerant of them in some combinations and contexts, I'm not a big fan of either lemon or ginger. Please take this rating in the context of assessing the nominal mix of two flavors that, while not repulsive to me, aren't particular favorites either.

When I do have ginger, I look for it to give a good, strong spice kick to make the experience worthwhile. This did not. Only in the initial dry-bag scent did this tea offer even a hint of ginger's rightful spiciness. When I have lemon, I brace for a jolt of sourness delivered. This did not (a good thing to me, since sourness is my least-favorite taste sensation). Instead, it's a muted, smooth, creamy, rather sweet beverage, slightly lemony and gingery, that brought a surprisingly noticeable vanilla-cream character to both the direct flavor and wet-bag aroma that was not evident in the dry scent. Cinnamon is on the ingredients list, but I didn't detect that at all.

Regardless of my doubts about probiotic bacteria's survivability in boiling water—a skepticism I've beaten to death in a few other probiotic-tea reviews—this herbal tea presented a conundrum. It didn't taste much like what was advertised, but it was a surprisingly pleasant beverage to drink...even more so after inadvertently letting some of it get cold.

In summary: here's a hot tea best consumed cold, with bacteria that may just be dead on arrival, tasting only a little like what its name implies, and much like something else a little better. Cue up the Twilight Zone music...

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