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This arrived as a member of a sampler pack that I ordered, to try some Murchie's offerings not yet chugged.

While pleasant and reasonably robust, it still is probably the mildest black tea I've tried (loose or bagged) from Murchie's, which says more about the strength of their other teas than any glaring deficiency here. It's also rather plain and least I didn't detect much background flavor aside from a straightforward, pleasant, moderately stimulating tea taste. Perhaps more-refined connoisseurs than I can tease out subtleties that should come with such a Ceylon/Keemun pairing. The good side is that it's not excessively bitter nor astringent. The flip side is that you might be able to pay less for decent-quality retail-store EB teabags instead, unless getting a sale bargain and/or variety pack (as I did). This can be a worthwhile cool-weather tea, as it does have a mild warming effect. The aftertaste—which is nearly a strong as the flavor—lingers a good, long time.

The dry-bag aroma was on the weak side, certainly less compelling than the dry-leaf aroma from the loose version I recall on visits to one of their stores. The aroma came alive better in-cup and through the wet bag, but still is rather plain and unassuming. Again, this tea isn't bad at all, but I much prefer their "Murchie's Afternoon" black blend, bagged or loose, and easily would choose the latter for comparable price.

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