Tea: Blueberry (No. 1620)

A Fruit White Tea from TeaGschwendner

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Style:Fruit White Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Half-litre pot at home. Pours clear light orangeish with no sediment. Clear aroma of white tea and mallow blossoms, with distinct notes of blueberries. Bitterish flavour of tea leaves, with tart notes of blueberries. Clean palate with mild acidic hints. Relaxing and not aggressive. I have tried other blueberry teas, with the flavour nearly drawing tears, but this one is well-balanced, quiet and highly enjoyable. Warmly recommended before going to bed. Not cheap (€8.33 / 100 g) but worth the money.

11 g / l; 70 C; 2 min.

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