Tea: Hu-Kwa Tea

A Lapsang Souchong from Mark T. Wendell

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Brand:Mark T. Wendell
Style:Lapsang Souchong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Hu-Kwa Tea

8 of 104 of 55 of 580 of 100

As expected the aroma is similar to a pine forest on fire, or a freshly paved road. For those new to lapsing souchong, it might be a bit intimidating. Those who are adverse to trying because of the aroma are missing out on a wonderful cup of tea. The liquor is a deep amber color. The flavor is nice. Once brewed, the burnt pine aroma mellows. The flavor is smooth with a very subtle after taste. For me, this tea needs to be paired with food. On its' own it seems a bit powerful. I never use cream or sugar, but I think either would tame it enough for just a cup (or more) of tea.

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