Tea: Orange Herbal Tea

An Herbal Tea from Lipton Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Lipton Tea
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Orange Herbal Tea

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Here's another Lipton brand that has been "unretired" as of Feb. 2020. It is available under different-looking packaging in several online stores, as well as via Unilever's food-service page (where I got the photo to be uploaded shortly). Now that I've tried a few of these Lipton herbal and flavored black teas from a nearby cafeteria, and looked them up online, this resurrection of "retired" teas under their parent company's food-service banner appears to be a pattern with Lipton.

"Orange" may be the best Lipton bagged tea of any type I've had so far. I know that's not saying much, but the blend reminds me a great deal of the three (that I know of) Celestial Seasonings herbals that feature orange. They're all made with the same "Zinger" ingredients foundation that includes orange peel, hibiscus flowers and chicory root. Those are in Lipton Orange as well, with orange peel as first thing listed. I should hope so! Alas, this also contains soy lecithin, for reasons unknown, so a word of caution is needed for soy-sensitive/allergic folks.

The tea infuses slowly, even in boiling water, and should be steeped for several minutes (at least 6–8) for best effect. Once brewed a good, long time, it renders a smooth, decidedly orange-flavored drink with just a faint hint of spice (cloves are a lesser ingredient). It reminds me of what would result from mixing CS' "Mandarin Orange Spice" and "Citrus Sunrise" in 50/50 proportion. The aroma is pure orange, except for a hint of the cloves in the dry-bag scent. It's a very sweet, only faintly sour, easy-to-drink beverage that could use a little more spice to give it some personality other than, "I am orange, hear me roar."

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