Review of Lemon & Orange Tea Bags

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The tea in the bags is in small enough pieces that it's difficult to tell if it started out orthodox or CTC, but I think it's orthodox. It smells pleasently lemon-orange, but no tea shines through yet. After adding the water, the tea smells like fresh orange pulp. The tea itself is muted with the barest hint of malt rising above the citrus.

When tasted, the lemon-orange combination is like the bergamot in Earl Grey without its bitterness, which allows the flavors of the tea to come through more. The bitterness, malt, and astringency are balanced, but mild. The citrus really predominates, but there are some earthy flavors that I can't quite place and that I don't find quite pleasant. It tastes a bit like the white of an orange peel. As the tea cools a bit, it begins to taste more bitter and unpleasantly so. The box claims that the blend is mainly Kenyan, but I don't taste the strong maltiness that those teas are known for. I'm quite disappointed with this tea overall.

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