Review of Hvid te Panforte de Siena (Nr. 1011)

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Half-litre pot at home, made from white and green tea leaves mixed with a miscellany of other ingredients, mostly fruit (caramelised or dried), spice (e.g. cinnamon) and cocoa. Pours clear pale straw with no sediment. Intense aroma (on the lid of the teapot being lifted, it fills the whole room) of various fruits (pineapple, pawpaw, raisins), with notes of cake and touches of white tea leaves. Delicate and complex fruity flavour with biscuity notes and touches of green and white tea. Smooth and clean palate with an aftertaste of white and green tea and fruity, slightly acidic notes. Refreshing, yet unmistakably cake-inspired. A delicious blend, one of the best white teas I have ever had so far. Not cheap. The tea company's website sets the price at 55 DKK per 100 g, but I remember paying around 80 DKK for the same amount in my local outlet. Still, definitely worth every penny (or, to be more exact, every øre).

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12 g / l; 80 C; 4 min

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