Review of Rooibos Havtorn (Nr. 828)

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Bought as Carstensens Rooibos Havtorn & Fløde (Sea-buckthorn & Cream). Half-litre pot at home, made with tiny chestnut brown rooibos leaves mixed with dried buckthorn pieces. Pours clear copper brown with no sediment. Clear aroma of rooibos leaves and cream, with touches of cocoa and buckthorn. Sweetish flavour of rooibos leaves and cream, with chocolate jotes and gentle but refreshing touches of buckthorn. Smooth and creamy palate, with a mild aftertaste of buckthorn and notes of rooibos. Very well-balanced and nice, especially at the end of a long day, to avoid a caffeine boost. Fair price (42 DKK per 100 g). Sounds like a good candidate for my next staple rooibos.

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13 g / l; 100 C; 9 min.

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