Review of Genforeningsteen (Nr. 2020)

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Half-litre pot at home made from leaves of green tea mixed with small pieces of dried apple, goji berries, rose hip shells, heather, hibiscus and raspberries. Pours clear greyish pink bright violet with no sediment. Clear aroma of raspberries, apples, rose hip and hibiscus, with touches of green tea leaves. Sweetish flavour of all the fruits that make the blend, offset by bitter notes of green tea and dry hibiscus touches. Slightly astringent palate of green tea, with notes of berries and hibiscus in the aftertaste. A nice, cordial and mellow blend, perfect after a decent dinner. I have no idea why the tea company selected exactly these ingredients to make the drink that commemorates the unification of Southern Jutland with the rest of Denmark in 1920, but it tastes rather good. Fair price (42 DKK per 100 g).

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13 g / l; 80 C; 4 min.

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