Review of Watermelon Lime Zinger

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This is probably my favorite Celestial Seasonings tea to make as an iced tea. We had a bout of hot weather for a few days and I whipped up some iced tea with this Watermelon Lime Zinger and it was so refreshing and delicious. It does a great job of cooling me down and it's a delicious flavor combination. I never feel the need to add any sweetener (I think that's true, in general, when it comes to the Zinger teas). You can taste hints of both the watermelon and the lime and it's a wonder that they put the two together. I never would've thought of a combination like that (and I regularly cook and create my own recipes, so there are many combinations that I've found for myself before I see them appear on a shelf somewhere). There is this watermelon juice that I get at the store that is a lot stronger than this tea. This just has a hint of watermelon and a hint of lime. But, it's perfect when cold. I admit, I wouldn't make it to drink hot. I have had it warm when waiting for the tea to cool for iced tea and it's just not as good. To me, it's a thousand times better iced. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. It really is that good! If I were having a get-together on a warm spring or hot summer day, I'd whip some of this up, serve it iced, and put it out for everyone. I know that they wouldn't be disappointed.

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