Review of Tangerine Orange Zinger Herbal Tea

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This is a very satisfying tea. It has less of a 'zing' than the Sangria tea or the Red Zinger, making it feel a bit easier on the stomach. The orange/tangerine notes remind me a bit of Tang or an energy drink. I mean this as a compliment, not an insult. It's a very good flavor. I know that this is a blast from the past, but something about the orange/tangerine notes reminds me a bit of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler that they put out decades ago, after the first "Ghostbusters" movie came out. So, it has this feel to it that reminds me a bit of an energy drink, something of nostalgia, it's easy on the stomach, and it has a great balance of tastes. I like that hawthorn is in it, because it's a relaxing herb which I actually take sometimes to lower my blood pressure and calm me (it's also not in every Zinger tea). You wouldn't taste the hawthorn. It's a very light flavor, even if you were to make tea only from hawthorn berries. Overall, I'm happy I rediscovered this one when shoveling through all the other Zinger teas I have, which I hadn't made in a while. I'd definitely recommend this one, particularly if you like orange/tangerine flavors or fruit punch flavors (which the tea taste resembles, a bit, after brewing). I don't take it with sugar or sweetener because I don't think it needs any. I've made some as iced tea and it's delicious that way, too.

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