Review of Mango og Hamp (Nr. 351)

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Half-litre pot at home, made from small, broken green tea leaves mixed with yellow and orange pieces of dried mango of varying size and, well, maybe, indeed, cannabis, but I cannot tell as it looks indistinguishable from the green tea leaves. The loose mixture smells of citrus, mango and green tea - if there is any cannabis at all, then there must be very, very little of it, judging by the aroma. Pours clear straw (against white china) with no sediment. A very mild aroma (as opposed to the intense scent of the loose leaves) of green tea, with touches of mango. Mildly bitter flavour of green tea, with sweetish notes of mango and barely discernible hints of something that tastes like cannabis. Astringent palate of green tea with sweetish aftertaste of mango and some mild herbal notes. Well, I don't know. I actually like this tea, I must admit. It is not in the tea company's register on their website but it has a series number and I bought it in my local Carstensens outlet, legally. There may be some medicinal cannabis in it but then I am not entirely sure about how it made its way into the tea. Recreational use of any drugs is prohibited in Denmark, so there must be a loophole somewhere. Or perhaps there is no cannabis at all in the tea. Anyway, it tastes fine. I am not very fond of green tea, but this one is decent. So is the price (42 DKK per 100 g).

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12 g / l; 80 C; 3 min

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