Review of True Blueberry® Herbal Tea

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My, oh my. This tea got a grape flavor. This for sure ain't got some blueberries in it, I'll tell ya'. It's grape. "True Grape" would better suit this tea. It's grape... Why'd it have to be grape... Anywho. I would recommend this tea only to my enemies. If you mistakenly bought it this week, throw it in the trash can with no hesitation, and with all of your strength. It ain't no blueberry tea. I grew up on blueberries. This tea is purple, man, and it's really not a blueberry tea. I'll tell all my friends this - I ate a blueberry every day from elementary school until this evening and this tea ain't got a speck of blueberry in it. Ya' might as well drink grape juice. I generally do not recommend this - it is not great, my friends... Save yourself. Don't drink this forsaken tea.

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