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Half-litre pot at home, made from a mixture of black tea leaves and ground and caramelised hazelnuts, lemongrass, liquorice root, and dried strawberries and black currants. Pours nearly clear copper brown (against white china) with no sediment. Intense aroma of lemongrass, fudge and berries, with touches of black tea leaves. Bitterish flavour of black tea, with sweet notes of caramel and liquorice, and touches of lemongrass, berries and nuts. Astringent palate of black tea, offset to some extent by the smooth notes of fudge and touches of the other herbal ingredients. A nice drink, quite spicy but sweet and refreshing, too. Fair price (45 DKK per 100 g). The blend is commissioned from the tea company by the community of the tiny island of Barsø, and it is only available there. It was apparently designed by the islanders, too. Therefore, quite unlike other teas made by the same company, it has neither a number nor a place in the database.

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12 g / l; 100 C; 4 min.

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