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Caveat: ignore my lofty rating if you don't like coconut, or coconut-flavored teas. Then again, those repulsed by coconut are unlikely to purchase this product anyway. :-)

Since I do enjoy coconut a great deal, on its own and as an attachment to many things from tea to shrimp to candy and Of all the coconut teas I've had—a few very good—this is the new heavyweight champion. I'd rank this among the top flavored teas I've had, period. Real, high-quality coconut pieces, which I have enjoyed eating on their own, liberally festoon the loose blend. They impart:
1. A deep, rich, dreamy coconut scent to the freshly opened Ziploc-style bag of loose tea, and
2. A good deal of coconut-oil sheen on the liquid itself, which brews up a dense, dark color fairly quickly for a loose tea. The presence of such an obvious oil layer reinforces the notion that the coconut is well-selected, relatively fresh, and not over-processed along the way. I hope their coconut supplier sells the same stuff for usage in cookies and candies; if I knew who it was, I'd order some on the side.

I also don't know what base-tea blend Murchie's uses for this, and they've omitted this information from the website (my only excuse to deduct a few points from what could have been my first perfect tea rating). Regardless, despite how thick the coconut flavor is (and accomplished naturally too!), the tea itself is assertive, and stands side by side with the coconut to yield a rich, muscular, yet silky smooth beverage. That, combined with a blend of flowers selected to impart the "cream" aspect, leaves no doubt whatsoever as to what this is, epitomizing truth in naming.

As long as the Canadian dollar's exchange rate is favorable, the value will remain great too, for this or any other moderately to inexpensively priced Murchie's tea of high quality. This will be a pantry mainstay for a long time coming.

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