Review of Lemon-Hamp (Nr. 936)

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One-litre pot at home, made from a mixture of hemp leaves, calendula blossom, and pieces of apple, orange peel and lemon peel - not a single leaf of camellia sinensis here. Pours clear peach straw (against white china) with no sediment. Clear aroma of hemp, with touches of lemon and hints of apple. Bitterish and herbal flavour of hemp, with clear notes of lemon and touches of apple and orange. Citric, lightly astringent palate with an aftertaste of hemp and hints of fruit. Well, this is not the first hemp tea I have had, but the first one with a distinct taste of it. Not bad if you are into it. I assume it is without THC, since I bought it legally in my local outlet. The price was far more modest, too, I suppose, (42 DKK per 100 g), than what you would probably pay for real weed.

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15 g / l; 100 C; 10 min.

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