Review of Frugtblanding Brændte Mandler (Nr. 930)

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Half-litre pot at home, made from a mixture of pieces of apple, caramelised pineapple, pawpaw, roasted almonds, raisins, beetroots, cinnamon and popcorn - a truly fascinating winter blend. Pours clear pink (against white china) with no sediment. Clear aroma of roasted almonds, apples and cinnamon. Sweetish flavour of roasted almonds and cinnamon, with notes of tart apples, pineapple and pawpaw. Cakey aftertaste with touches of apple. Well, it is like a liquid dessert in itself... but it tastes just as good with a piece of apple pie. A teddy bear's paradise. Not expensive, either (42 DKK per 100 g) and more cost-effective than other roasted almond teas I have had, e.g. the one from TeeGschwendner.

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11 g / l; 100 C; 10 min.

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