Tea: Blueberry Wild Child

A Fruit (Herbal) Tea from Tiesta Tea

Picture of Blueberry Wild Child
Brand:Tiesta Tea
Style:Fruit (Herbal) Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Blueberry Wild Child

8 of 104 of 55 of 586 of 100

This is the best bargain that I’ve found in tea. 5.5 ounces for 10 dollars with shipping.

Appearance: This is deep red. If you didn’t know it was hibiscus before you bought it, you do now!

Aroma: I didn’t even think that I liked blueberries much in life. This smells like a fruit smoothie.

Flavor: very fruit forward. Really thick body. Truly a gem.

Value: like I said, this is a steal. Buy up!

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