Tea: Buddha’s Dream

A Miscellaneous Blend from Adagio Teas

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Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Miscellaneous Blend
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Review of Buddha’s Dream

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I’m a big fan of white tea and generally haven’t had a lot of success with green tea. I keep trying to evolve my palate and this tea is a step in that direction.

Prep: 175F, 16oz, 2 heaping tsp, 3 minutes
Aroma: Very delicate nose with mild peach. This has that relax in the couch with a movie tea type feel. 7/10

Flavor: This is a mild tea in a very good way. The blend of green and white teas work well to balance each other out without being too vegetal. There is a light peach note as well. 7/10

Body: Medium body. 7/10

Value: As with most adagio teas, price is very inviting. I think I’ll reorder when my sample bag is gone. 8/10

Overall: This is a solid tea. It may not be the best I’ve had from adagio but it’s pretty darn good. 7/10

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