Review of Cocoa Mint Chill (Formerly Peppermint Cocoa)

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Prep: 3tsp, 16oz, 200F, 5min

Aroma: Peppermint bomb. Can’t really pick up anything but a ton of peppermint. For the season, that’s A-ok in my book. 8/10

Flavor: Still a ton of peppermint but the chocolate notes fill in nicely. I don’t usually find much flavor from Rooibos and this is no exception. 7/10

Body: This is a nicely built winter tea. Filling and comforting. 8/10

Value: Tiesta only seems to have this available in a 3 pack for the holidays but the price is really solid (2.50ish per ounce). 8/10

Overall: Fairly solid winter tea. Not a favorite from Tiesta but it’s certainly solid. 7/10

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on February 21st, 2021

Yeah...peppermint has a way of dominating, and it's the second ingredient in this one, so it makes sense it would be all you would notice. I've grown peppermint in my garden and when I use it in blinds, if I want to taste anything else at all, I only put a tiny pinch in!

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