Tea: Buddha’s Blend

A Miscellaneous Blend from DAVIDsTEA

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Style:Miscellaneous Blend
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Review of Buddha’s Blend

8 of 104 of 54 of 578 of 100
ExcellentGoodGood Value

Prep: 175F, sachet, 8oz, 2mins

Aroma: Very peachy and fruity. Seems more on the white tea aroma wise. 8/10

Taste: Very peach forward. Incredibly light and airy but delicious. 8/10

Body: This is a lighter tea but it’s perfect for the flavor. 8/10

Value: 6.50/oz - This is not a low cost tea but I think the price is acceptable. Considering David’s drops 20% off fairly regularly, this is fair. 7/10

Overall: This is really nice. I’ll be ordering some soon.8/10

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