Tea: Three Kingdoms Mao Feng Green Tea

A Mao Feng Green Tea from Teavana - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Three Kingdoms Mao Feng Green Tea
Style:Mao Feng Green Tea
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Three Kingdoms Mao Feng Green Tea

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This is a very mild and sweet green tea, similar to Teavana's Pi Lo Chun but less aromatic and perhaps slightly grassier. Pleasing but bordering on bland and boring if brewed as instructed. I find that with a very long steep time (8+ min), however, it acquires nuances in the aroma that are absent otherwise...including a deep fruity, almost grape-like aroma, and also an aroma reminiscent of hops...fruity and perhaps a bit skunky--interesting because it's without the bitterness that usually accompanies such aromas, even in teas.

Brewed as instructed, it is far too weak for me. I recommend using significantly more leaf and brewing for 8 minutes and with 180 degree water or possibly a little higher...it acquires a pleasant astringency and a very faint hint of bitterness when brewed this way. The only possible downside I can describe in the flavor or aroma of this tea is a metallic aftertaste that some people may object to...but I didn't mind it.

There's almost a hint of smokiness...and I find myself wanting more of that, more depth and more strength overall.

As with all of Teavana's teas that I've tried, this one is very pleasant, but still overpriced. I also notice that Teavana's green teas that I've tried all tend to be on the smooth side...I like teas with more bite. When I compare this to any of the basic loose Chinese green teas that I could buy from Upton, Rishi, Foojoy, or any number of other companies, I can't justify the price. This is among Teavana's less expensive Chinese green teas, but it's still $7 for two ounces, which makes it compete with some pretty awesome teas.

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