Review of Hot Cinnamon Spice (Sachets) (Formerly Hot Cinnamon Sunset)

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One of my co-workers has been quaffing this tea with devoted fervor for a few months since I introduced him to drinking any tea. In turn, he gave me some of this. Knowing how much Harney tea tins cost even at Target, I wouldn't have bought this on my own, but it's not bad to try for free. I based the value on the known price, not my cost. ;-)

Extremely cinnamon-heavy to sniff the dry bag, it gets progressively less so with each iteration of the process: drinking, then sniffing the wet bag. This isn't exactly liquid Red Hots, as the name would indicate, nor even the strongest cinnamon tea I've had (Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy wins that contest by miles). It's actually much more smooth than spicy, while still fairly heavy on the cinnamon. I'd characterize it as decent to good, albeit rather one-dimensional in taste, with (at best) only faint hints of the orange component, and of the base black tea. Orange peel definitely is seen in the bag more than tasted or smelled, though the wet bag loses a lot of cinnamon and brings out more base-tea aroma, which is pleasant. For resteepers, there's enough material in the pyramid sachet to do a couple small cups, no problem; I tend to infuse flavored black teas like this once, but deeply, in a large cup.

The only somewhat offputting aspect was the aftertaste, which was a little bit mossy or fungal in character. I examined my mouth in the mirror and found no mold nor mushrooms growing in there, so I don't think I was misattributing this sensation. Keep drinking before the aftertaste hits, and you'll probably miss out on that experience.

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