Review of Classic Robust Jin Jun Mei Black Tea of Fujian

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I seriously can't get enough of this tea. This is not only my favorite of the teas I've bought from Yunnan Sourcing from provinces other than Yunnan, it is among my favorite teas of all time.

The leaf is beautiful, a thin, wiry mix of golden-orange and dark brown. It's not explosively aromatic, but when I really stick my nose in it, there's a wonderful and strong fragrance of grain and fruit. It smells fresh and vibrant and makes me want to drink it.

As soon as water hits the leaves, there is an explosion of aroma that seems to grow in strength as the tea steeps: a strong fruitiness suggesting both fresh and dried fruit. There are also malty notes. The flavor is strong yet balanced: there are strong sweet and savory qualities and also considerable bitterness and some sourness. Overall this tea tastes very rich, thick, and potent. The finish is so pleasing and the aromatic notes linger on the palate for a long time, feeling both fresh and deep.

I also love how I feel after drinking it. Like gyokuro and other strongly savory green teas, this is the sort of tea that I find strongly promotes a sort of calm alertness, perfect to drink while you have some mentally intensive work to do.

Resteeps beautifully. I usually made two stronger steeps but it would not be hard to get three or more shorter steeps out of this. Overall, this tea is easy to brew and tastes good whether brewed stronger or milder. For such a complex tea, I was surprised how forgiving it was on brewing.

I've had higher-end Jin Jun Mei, and although I can tell the difference (this one is a little more rough around the edges) this tea really gives the pricier ones a run for their money. I also actually like the boldness in this tea; I wouldn't change anything about it!!! At only $12.00 per 100g and even less if buying a larger quantity, this tea is a steal. I am definitely planning on buying it in quantity next time I order from Yunnan Sourcing.

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