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A Green Tea with Lemon from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Green Tea with Lemon
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Back to traveling with motel stays again this year, and back to finding their teas I haven't rated yet! As always, I'll bring an extra bag home to try in my well water for consistency in rating, so that bad local water doesn't affect a tea's rating unduly.

The concept behind "Green Tea with Lemon" left me with a sense of pity, as it indicates a quantity of this tea's customers that approximates its non-food-service sales, who can't be bothered with adding their own (and fresher, and better) lemon to tea.

This one's not bad, just somewhat pointless, and not outstanding either. A fairly plain green tea is soaked in a bit of lemon flavoring and presented in bagged form, with a moderate dry-bag and in-cup aroma. The lemon flavor is somewhat flat, but at least not sour, and stands out more in aftertaste than taste. Motels certainly could (and do!) offer worse to their departing morning customers, but I wouldn't proactively procure this tea for home use.

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