Review of Organic Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat®

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As medicinal herbals go, this one was OK—not as OK as Oklahoma pronounced itself on 1970s license plates, but OK nonetheless. The dry bag gave off a pronounced licorice aroma, which doesn't bother me, since I'm cool with licorice. But some folks hate licorice, and I predict they won't take a shine to the smell or taste of this product. Licorice still is the most dominant flavor, especially on the back end (finish) and aftertaste. I can pick up the lemon part, but it's minor. The only other among its many herbs I could tease out of the flavor was fennel, which I also enjoy in tea.

The taste could be more potent, but perhaps that also would ratchet up a faint yet noticeable dirty or muddy element to the taste. Some might call it "earthy", but to me that term suggests more of a moist-leaves or pleasant forest-soil scent, whereas a lot of medicinal and complex herbal teas to me give off a vibe of, "Here's a mystery root with some gobs of field dirt still attached...chew on it." Fortunately that element is indeed faint and not in every sip, or I'd rate this tea a lot lower. It just occasionally wafts up the sniffer from cup or mouth, and goes away quickly.

All in all, it's not a bad call for a drinkable, fairly smooth herbal ensemble. I haven't tried it with a sore throat yet, so I can't vouch for its claimed medicinal effects. As with a lot of this company's offerings, it is fairly pricey at 16 bags for $4.50-$8.00 at most of your health stores or Sprouts/Whole Foods type supermarkets, and $5.79 on the website as of Sep. 2021.

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