Tea: Wiśnie w Czekoladzie

A Flavored Black Tea from Five O'Clock

Picture of Wiśnie w Czekoladzie
Brand:Five O'Clock
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Review of Wiśnie w Czekoladzie

8 of 104 of 54 of 575 of 100
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One-litre pot at home, made from a mixture of Indian black tea (Ceylon?) leaves, pieces of morello cherries, cocoa nibs and cardamom. Pours slightly hazy dark brown (against white china) with no sediment. Clear aroma of chocolate and cocoa, with notes of black tea leaves and mild fruity hints. Bitter, roasty flavour of cocoa and dark chocolate, with leafy notes of black tea and touches of cardamom and cherries. Moderately astringent palate with notes of leaves and cocoa and hints of cherries. A nice beverage, although I had expected the cherry notes to be more pronounced. Mid-range price by local standards (22 PLN per 100 g).

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10 g / l; 95 C; 4 min.

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