Tea: Decaf Green Tea

A Green Tea from Triple Leaf Tea

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Brand:Triple Leaf Tea
Style:Green Tea
Caffeine:CO2 Decaf
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The tea bags are wrapped in paper inside a cellophane-sealed cardboard box. After opening the package, I put them into an airtight container.

The dry tea has a faint, grassy smell. The brewing tea smells quite a bit fresher than I expected. It's vegetal, slightly tannic and recognizably green tea.

For a decaf green, I'm impressed. It has a nice bitterness and none of the shrimpy or fishy off flavors that decaf greens often have. It's pretty nondescript for green tea, but has a bitter green flavor that I'm having trouble placing, like maybe carrot tops, parsley, or celery leaves. I wouldn't guess that it's decaf.

The flavor intensifies as it cools, becoming slightly more bitter and much more vegetal. There's almost no sweetness, but it's refreshing. It's one of the best decaf green teas I've tasted.

At $7 for a box of 20, it's expensive. It's good for a decaf green, but it's overpriced.

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