Review of Decaffeinated Green Tea

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I bought this as a box of 40 tea bags. Inside were two sealed Mylar sleeves of otherwise unwrapped tea bags. I opened the first sleeve and transferred the tea bags to an airtight container.

The dry tea smells faintly of green tea. Brewing, it has a kind of strange, savory smell, like potato soup, but with a vegetal note. Potato soup with kale. It smells good, but not like I expect green tea to smell.

The flavor is quite savory, too. There's a hint of nori, so it tastes a bit like miso soup. It's not bitter at all. It's quite rich and flavorful, but not really what I would associate with green tea. It might be a blend of Chinese and Japanese teas, but it doesn't really taste like any of them in particular. There's a slight taste of wet cardboard common to many decaffeinated teas.

It's inoffensive and drinkable. There are better decaffeinated green teas, but I'd drink this over Lipton's decaffeinated black tea. It's cheap, but I'd be willing to pay more for better tea.

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