Review of Green Tea with Coconut & Ginger

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Substantively, this doesn't seem to be different from Harney's Bangkok tea (which I liked a lot and reviewed highly), but in even costlier sachets. Expensive stuff. Very expensive stuff. Did I mention it's pricey?

The value really drags on this product, because while it smells and tastes very good, paying ten bucks for a tin of 30 sachets turns me off, especially when I (only rarely anymore, unfiortunately) find much the same tea at Trader Joe's, in the form of their "Coconut Green Tea With Lemongrass and Ginger". That probably is a knockoff of this, but just as flavorful and 1/4 to 1/3 the cost. Like the TJ's tea, the lemongrass pieces are large, and retain a lot of the flavor that could dribble deliciously out into the tea if they were chopped a little finer.

If you enjoy coconut-flavored teas, and can get this at discount, or at an estate sale (as I did, for 25 cents!...with shocking original retail-price sticker on the bottom), or from a friend who somehow doesn't like it, please do. It's well worth the trouble *if* one doesn't have to pay full retail.

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