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An Earl Grey Tea from Twinings

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The dry tea is finely chopped and smells strongly of citrus. There are a few white flecks in the bag that according to the ingredients are probably bergamot peel.

I'm pretty sure that the citrus in Twinings Earl Grey is a blend. The bergamot is pronounced (as it should be in an Earl Grey), but I also taste sweet orange and grapefruit. The tea itself is mild. I can taste a bit of maltiness under the citrus, but it's thin-bodied with almost no bitterness or astringency. I prefer Earl Grey made with more flavorful tea. As the tea cools, the fruit flavor and aroma intensify to a nice fruitiness. A mild bitterness also appears at the sides of the tongue.

Twinings is comparable in quality to Bigelow, which I slightly prefer, but is a little bit more expensive. Its main selling point is that it's easy to find in a grocery store. There are many brands available online, both bagged and loose, that are higher quality and better tasting.

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