Tea: Green Tea Tropical

A Flavored Green Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea

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Brand:Mighty Leaf Tea
Style:Flavored Green Tea
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As customary for Mighty Leaf packaging, this blend comes in a sachet sewn on three sides with cotton threads, which then extend out to the string and the paper tag. Within the sachet, one easily can see the chopped green tea—mostly leaf pieces, but a few stems—and several assorted dried flower pieces that presumably combine to round off the "tropical" fruit flavor.

Does it succeed? More so in aroma than taste, but mostly, yes. Several dry bags of this would make a great, airy, appropriately scented potpourri for a sunny indoor lanai or Florida room. But we're here to review teas, not potpourri, so...steep's in and cup's up.

The green-tea and fruity flavors are well-balanced, but together, still on the modest side of intensity, even after "oversteeping" for about 5–6 minutes. The aftertaste was more robust than the taste, and somewhat tart. It's a pleasant beverage overall, one any appreciator of fruit-flavored green teas likely will enjoy. I just wish the overall flavor were somehow dialed up a couple notches; it's a bit too "delicate" and "subtle" for me.

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