Review of Tie Guan Yin traditional charcoal roast

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A very aromatic tea, full of flavor, but light.

The aroma has a lot of different elements to it...the dominant tone is a woody quality...there is also a strong fruitiness, which I'd describe as most closely resembling apricots, and a lot of floral tones--most closely resembling the floral character of some black teas and darker oolongs, less like greener oolongs. Although the roast seems a bit heavier, there's only a hint of's more evident in the woody quality. There's also a hint of a skunky quality (which I actually enjoyed greatly, I know it sounds a bit strange). The tea brews a surprisingly clear color, given the strength of the roast.

This tea is good for multiple infusions. Like most oolongs, I have found I prefer to use less leaf and make longer infusions (3 min., 5, etc.). The first infusion is the fruitiest...and these tones are the first to go, and after that, the floral qualities. Subsequent infusions retain the woody character and the skunky tones come out a bit more too.

This tea has a bit of bite to it, which I like. It tends on the thin-bodied side, however. Using a very long brewing time can make it more full-bodied but I still find this tea is more aroma and less body.

Not cheap but I think reasonably priced given its complexity.

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