Review of Warrior's Brew

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This is quite a tasty and well-conceived blend, novel yet nice in both aroma and flavor, holding its own in those departments with any herbal/black bagged combination out there. However, I wish it were stronger, more befitting its name.
The rectangular, stringless tea bags are small, about half the volume of Celestial Seasonings or Murchie's bags of similar design (but larger dimensions). My suggested solution, therefore, is simple: use bags like CS does, and add a commensurate volume of the same ingredients. Then price that more reasonably, and this could be a major hit.

The first ingredient is orange pekoe (black tea), followed by orange peel, rose hips, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, and star anise. The main components that jump out of the dry-bag scent are the cinnamon and orange, reminiscent of a Christmas tea, but the flavor brings the licorice-like quality of star anise out vividly. Coriander and ginger come out best in the aftertaste, with anise and orange still there.

I won't be running 30 to 50 miles as a messenger between settlements, as the box claims this beverage helped tribal warriors to do, but I will recommend dropping two bags into a large cup to optimize the experience of this blend. Unfortunately that will drag further on the value, which already was marginal, considering I paid around $3 retail for a cubic box of just 12 teabags at the Mount Rushmore gift shop.

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