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Murchie's has a large repertoire of teas; most last, some don't. This one has been around since at least the mid 2000s, when we started ordering from them, so it must have built a following. I finally decided to order it at the behest of my wife, who likes all things apricot. It doesn't disappoint.

The aroma and flavor aren't quite as potent as a few of their other fruit and berry teas, such as black currant, coconut and raspberry (haven't tried their lemon tea yet since I'm not a big lemon fan, and strawberry because...I don't know). Still, the apricot aroma rises cheerfully from the dry packaging upon opening, and from the cup upon steeping. The base tea—a blend of Ceylon and Keemun, holds its own and supports the fruit flavor well through the sip and into the aftertaste. A floral element shows also, more in the taste than in the aroma. Looking deeper into the ingredients, it makes sense: calendula and elder-flower petals decorate the mix as well.

I let about half my first cup get cold, thanks to getting distracted and forgetting about it, and discovered that this would make an absolutely splendid iced tea...indeed, better even than hot, with the fruit flavor turning a naturally sweet, smooth, creamy tone. Indeed, despite ordering this with our usual late-fall run, we have decided to have only a very occasional hot bag, and save most of it for iced tea this coming summer. As for value, the $CAD-$USD conversion rate continues its long-term favorability for U.S. customers, making this a much better buy than its price appears on their Canadian website.

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