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As with their "Green Tea with Coconut & Ginger", I got this at a last-day estate sale for a quarter (proportionate fraction of a bulk pantry buy). Not per bag, but for the entire tin! That's the best value I've had for a good tea. However, you probably can't match that. So how costly is it, for real? A peek at the bottom of the 30-sachet tin revealed the original sticker price of $10.25 retail, since inflated to $12.89 on Amazon as of this writing. As my grown kids' former teen peers might have said, this had better be, "like, you know, like, the best tea evaaaaarrrr" to justify that outlay.

It ain't. But don't despair.

I bet you won't regret drinking it if you can find it at a steep (pun intended) discount. Brewed best a bit longer than usual recommended times—try 5 minutes—this is a rich, almost savory black tea, with well-balanced, thick smoothness to it, and a nice, strong flavor that doesn't go overboard with any particular element (bitterness, astringency, etc.). The pyramidal sachets swell up nicely after steeping too, with noticeably more (and better) aroma than the rather bland dry-bag sniff test. This indicates that Harney doesn't skimp on quantity at all, and chooses a very good tea blend for this product. I'll be sad when this tin is done...not just because I'll never again get a reasonably high-quality black tea for less than a penny per bag, but because it's actually good enough to be worth somewhere about halfway between what I paid and the retail cost.

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